Time Zone: Istanbul (GMT+3)


MAY 25

17:00 - 18:15

18:15 - 18:30

Invited Speaker:

  • Prof. Ann Senghas


18:30 - 20:00

Paper Session 1

  • "Evaluating models of referring expression production on an emerging sign language"

by Leyla Kürşat, Brandon Waldon, Rabia Ergin, and Judith Degen

  • "Amplifying the bias to order Nouns before Adjectives in language: Evidence from emerging sign language and silent gesture studies" 

by Monico L. Do, Simon Kirby, and Susan Goldin-Meadow


  • "Cognitive biases differ in improvisation and learning of noun phrase word order" 

by Annie Holtz​, Simon Kirby, and Jennifer Culbertson

20:00 - 20:15


20:15 - 21:30

Invited Speaker: 

  • Prof. Simon Kirby

"From Item to System: how cultural evolution creates linguistic structure in an iconic modality"


MAY 26

17:00 - 18:15

Invited Speaker: 

  • Prof. Ray Jackendoff

“What can you say without syntax? A hierarchy of grammatical complexity.”

18:15 - 18:30


18:30 - 20:00

Paper Session 2

  • "Computational modelling of contact languages: the emergence and spread of creole and its lexical entries on complex language ecology and sociolinguistic context" 

by Ching-Yat Cheung and Christophe Coupé

  • "Correlations between Grammatical and Sociopolitical Complexity: Some Empirical Studies" 

by David Gil

  • "Cognitive and genetic correlates of a single macro-parameter of crosslinguistic variation" 

by Antonio Benítez-Burraco, Candy Cahuana, David Gil, Ljiljana Progovac, Jana Reifegerste, and Tatiana Tatarinova

20:00 - 20:15


20:15 - 21:30

Invited Speaker: 

  • Prof. Adele Goldberg

"Accessibility and emergent generalizations: how uncles and aunts became aunts and uncles"

21:30 - 21:40


21:40 - 22:30

Flash Talks

  • "Z numeracy" 

by John B. Haviland

  • "Cognitive and social factors in agent-based models of conversational priming in repetitional responses" 

by Peter Dekker, Sonja Gipper, and Bart de Boer

  • "How to Scale up Models of Language Emergence and Evolution" 

by Remi van Trijp

  • "Co-evolutionary links between linguistic alignment and cooperation –an experimental study" 

by Theresa Matzinger, Marek Placiński, Adam Gutowski, Mariusz Lewandowski, Przemyslaw Zywiczynski, and Sławomir Wacewicz

  • "Pointing modes in gesture and sign. An analytic framework"

by Olivier Le Guen


MAY 27

17:00 - 18:30

Paper Session 3

  • "The role of cross-cultural differences in the emergence of referential strategies in artificial sign languages"  

by Danielle Naegeli, David Peeters, Emiel Krahmer, Marieke Schouwstra, Yasamin Motamedi, and Connie de Vos 

  • "Evidence of an emergent classifier system in Zinacantec Family Homesign"

by Austin German ​

  • "Reiterative codeswitching in Cena as emergent Agent-Marking" 

by Diane Stoianov, Anderson Almeida-Silva, and Andrew Nevins

18:30 - 18:45


18:45 - 20:30

General discussion with invited speakers

20:30 - 20:40


20:40 - 21:30

"The Signed Origin of Language" 

 Documentary featuring Central Taurus Sign Language

21:30 - 22:00

Discussion on the documentary 



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